Who Knew 3 Rounds Could be so Much Fun


pat-vellnerGive this one a try when you have a minute (or a few more):


3 Rounds as fast as possible:


  • Male RX: 50lbs DB (scale as needed)
  • Women RX: 35lbs DB (scale as needed)


This workout is going to be a burner, as it is designed to never let you catch your breath. Sandwiching the cleans between the run and burpees will do that to you, but that is entirely intentional. This will both push your mental game and cardiovascular endurance. Like some of my other workouts, you’ll want to find a movement that is a “rest.” For me, this is actually the burpees. Your heart rate will be through the roof, but as long as you keep a steady pace here, you won’t lose time and will be ready to attack the run. Make sure to stretch your wrists before and lower back after–the cleans/burpees might light it up!



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