Let it Begin!

In today’s global market, many of us find ourselves traveling for work. Whether it’s domestic travel or international, you’re checking into hotels, working long hours, eating somewhat crappy food (let’s be honest, airport food often sucks), and passing out in utter exhaustion to repeat the process the next day. Notice what I left out? Time to workout.

When I travel, which I do quite a bit, I always prioritize workouts. Outside of talking to my girlfriend (she’s number 1) and doing my absolute best with work, fitness takes the cake when I’m on the road. But how do I find time? Well, I set that devilish alarm everyday for 5am to fall out of bed and sleepily stumble down to the hotel fitness center. Yes, the fitness center. The place with a few treadmills, an elliptical or two, dumbbells up to 50lbs, and if you’re lucky, a pull-up bar. Many find these tools to be too limited to actually get an enjoyable workout in, but I disagree (duh, that’s why I’m writing this). Using that equipment and maybe a few items you’re going to travel with, like a jump rope, you can still condition your body to stay in shape and continue along your career path.

So starting now, I will be posting 5-6 times a week with hotel workouts that you can do regardless of where you are. All you need to do is set your alarm, follow the plan, and provide some feedback.

Workout #1:

  • Ascending ladder:
    • 10 Dumbbell Snatch
    • 60 Double Unders/120 Single Unders
    • 20 Dumbbell Snatch
    • 70 Double Unders/140 Single Unders
    • 30 Dumbbell Snatch
    • 80 Double Unders/160 Single Unders
    • 40 Dumbbell Snatch
    • 90 Double Unders/180 Single Unders
    • 50 Dumbbell Snatch
    • 100 Double Unders/200 Single Unders

Why this workout? Great question! During the Crossfit Open this past year there was a similar workout involving DB snatches. It was the first time in the Open that DBs made an appearance and they destroyed my soul, so I thought I would return the favor :). In truth, I believe this pairing and rep scheme is a phenomenal structure to work on your muscle endurance and overall cardiovascular shape. You’ll want to move through this as fast as you can, but break where you need to. Your forearms will be fatigued during this workout, but that’s the intent, right? Control that breathing and get to work!

After finishing, see what hits the floor first–you or your rope.



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